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More customers mean larger orders placed with suppliers and therefore more buying power, which will result in reduced prices from suppliers and therefore lower store prices for our customers. First of all across Europe, then from January 2017 many more countries included, interested people can register as a license partner for a monthly license fee of 49€.
The primary aim is to establish a strong global shopping community, with hundreds of thousands license partners and millions of customers. License partners can make money in various ways. The Superstore, the matrix, licenced partner commissions and our bonus Programme. The recruitment of new license owners and the generation of customers will be fairly rewarded.
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Register and become a license partner for a monthly fee of 49€.  Selection – Huge store offers include over 700.000 articles from over 800 Brands  Income – Generates an attractive mounthly income by marketing individual store links  Community – The concept of community hopping allows products to be offered at Incredibly low
Instead of entering the market as another big online-store, Mighty buyer offers thousands of partners worldwide the opportunity to earn money with the store and generate a small, big or even very big income.
Mighty Buyer is responsible for the professional operation of the store, such as, managing suppliers, warehousing, shipping and logistics, sales, accounting, customer service, refunds etc. Through years of experience, the Mighty Buyer team have established very good connections to suppliers and business organizations worldwide covering the entire product range. This leaves license owners free to focus on gaining partners and customers to shop at incredible low prizes.

Active partners will get a personal store link.
Example-Link: www.mighty-buyer.net/yourPartnerID
Mighty Buyer will not compete with its licensed partners! This means that customers will only get access to the offers through the partner links!

Licence partners, who actively help to expand the partner network and therefore help strengthen the store community are rewarded. License partners receive a bonus of 5% on their direct partner’s store commissions and a further 5% of the next 4 generations below.

On top of the sensational Income generating opportunities all licence owners automatically take part in a car bonus program.

Licence owners receive commission on 10 downline levels of the team structure in a triple matrix, no matter if these partners were invited by yourself or other partners.
The triple matrix downline structure allows each partner 3 lines, however this is strengthened by the establishment of three further partners beneath each line. This means you can have 3 partners on the first level, on level 2 a maximum of 9 partners, on level 3 a maximum of 27 partners and so on.
As an alternative to the car bonus, licence partners can choose to take a cash voucher which is valid in the whole of the store and can be spent over the course of the following month.
  • 111 active members result in a 500€ store voucher,
  • 333 result in a 1000€ voucher and
  • 999 result in a 1.500€ store voucher !!

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